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Message on ice

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As the students of Bethel College walked to chapel on Monday, Jan. 20, they noticed something out of the ordinary. One of the ponds on campus had words etched into the ice. The mysterious words perplexed many students. "I didn’t know what it meant,” said  junior Cecelia Marshall. “I wondered if [the person who wrote the message] knew English because I couldn’t read it,” said freshman Michael Childs. As students continued to view the message, they were able to decipher its meaning. It read: “This 1 Girl” with a heart drawn beside and the letters JM underneath. What began as mysterious writing on the pond had now turned into a story of young love, again drawing reactions from the student body. “Someone out there really cares for a girl,” said freshman Ben Fair. “I thought it was gutsy, but I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not,” said freshman Kevin Brown. “It was a little cute,” said Bethel freshman Mahala Miller. The strange addition to Bethel’s scenery even grabbed the attention of professors. “I was grateful that someone didn’t fall through the ice and hurt themselves,” said Professor Elizabeth McLaughlin. “It reminded me of something from ‘A Prairie Home Companion.’” However, Garrison Keillor (the host of “A Prairie Home Companion”) was nowhere to be found. So since he didn’t make the strange markings, who did? After some investigation, the name of the author was uncovered: Jafet Moya. Moya, a freshman at Bethel, just wanted to express himself. “[Writing on the ice] was a conviction I had the night before. It was my form of creative art.” As for how he made the markings? “I used a shovel and my boots,” Moya said. For two hours, Moya worked patiently into the night, causing the message to go mostly unnoticed until the next morning. However, Moya’s roommates were slightly more perceptive of their friend’s intentions, and they had differing opinions about its effectiveness. “I thought [Jafet] was stupid,” said freshman Ben Bulgrien. “It was cool that my roommate did that,” said freshman Clint Carson. Soon the campus was buzzing with talk of the ice writing and its elusive author. However one question still went unanswered. Who was the girl to whom the message was referring? “It was meant for a certain girl, but I want to keep it secret,” said Moya. As the temperature has risen, the writing on the ice has begun to melt away. But when the weather gets cold again, keep an eye out while walking around Bethel’s campus. A new message may be waiting.
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