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Bar at Tradewinds draws reaction from Bethel community

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A bar has been opened at Tradewinds, the local restaurant where Bethel students frequently eat. The Galley at Tradewinds opened last November and caused some to wonder whether it conflicts with Bethel’s policy, especially since Tradewinds accepts Bethel Bucks and is so near the campus.

 “It really does seem weird, especially since we signed the (Community Life Covenant), for there to be alcohol served at a restaurant where we can use Bethel Bucks,” said freshman Troy Lundy.

 Most students are familiar with the Community Life Covenant as every incoming freshman is required to sign it. In the document it states that any contact with alcohol is prohibited.

 “Because we believe our minds and bodies should be used in ways that honor God, we agree to abstain from … alcohol and gatherings where alcohol is present.”

While having a bar connected to a restaurant may seem to contradict this rule, it does not provide as much of an issue as it seems.

“Our policy still stands, and it is enforced at Tradewinds,” said Dr. Shawn Holtgren, vice president for Student Development.

It should also be noted that the distinction is made between restaurants where alcohol is served and bars.

“Students are not allowed to go to a place where alcohol is the main source of revenue,” said Holtgren.

 Dr. Holtgren also believes that the close proximity to campus should be a deterrent to any deviant behavior.

“(Students) will be so close to campus they would have to be an idiot to drink at Tradewinds,” he said.

And while Bethel Bucks may be used at Tradewinds, they are not accepted at the Galley.

Both Dr. Holtgren and the employees at Tradewinds acknowledged that there has not been any conflict between the college and the restaurant over the bar’s opening.

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