Bethel College Athlete of the Week

Voting begins for the ‘Bethel College Athlete of the Week’

 -  -  24

The Beacon will be starting a new segment in conjunction with the Bethel College Athletic Department called the “Bethel College Athlete of the Week.” Nominations will be posted on the Athletic Announcement page in each student’s My Bethel account. This can be reached by clicking on the “Announcements” section on the left side of the front page on My Bethel. After clicking on “Announcements” choose “Athletics” and at the bottom of the page you can subscribe to the feed. From this you can also choose to be notified by email whenever the athletic department posts something. Once the nominations are posted, students may vote by sending an email with the name of the player they wish to vote for to . Voting will close each week on Sunday at 5:00 PM and the winner will be announced on the Beacon website every Wednesday. Make sure to check the Beacon to see who won! This week’s contestants are Nicole Steller (women's soccer), Trisha Nelson (women's cross country), Ricardo Carvalho (men's soccer) and Alicia Carlton (volleyball).
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