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Snow doesn’t stop summer party

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The Dining Commons had a little bit different look on Friday, April 19 as Campus Activities held a “Back to Summer Party.” No matter that it was snowing outside. Board games and a beanbag toss were set up and smoothies were on the menu. And just when you thought Chicken Finger Friday couldn’t get any better!
Last Friday students listened to live music in the Dining Commons.
  Also, the stage was set up and attendees were treated to a lineup of the best of the best from Open Mic Night this year. The performers were “The Ukeladies” (Mary Griesbach and Elaina Gillin), Josh Nguyen and Kelsey Eblen, Luke and Charity Eichorn, Matt Gillin and Chelsea Anglin, Seth Shively and Andrew Cary. “It’s fun to just be able to perform,” said Nguyen. “This is the largest crowd I’ve played for.” The event was well attended despite the cold weather outside. Despite all the extra fun, event planners said that still probably had to do with the fact that Chicken Finger Friday has become so popular on campus. That was one reason they decided to host the event on Friday evening.
Students donned leis to celebrate the coming of summer.
“We’re playing off the tenders,” said Jon Nicoletti, an intern with Campus Activities. “They own the night.” Even though the weather did not keep people from attending, it did affect plans quite a bit. “It was originally going to be an outdoor barbecue,” Nicoletti said. But due to the snow, the event was forced inside. Still, Nicoletti felt that the event was a success. “It’s been a dreary last couple weeks,” he said. “Winter has had an unrelenting clench. So we wanted to just show people that school’s almost over and summer is on its way.” After the events in the Dining Commons, a concert was held at Sufficient Grounds.  
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