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The lasting impact of Spiritual Emphasis Week

 -  -  16

Spiritual Emphasis WeekIt’s been over a week since the entire campus gathered together for a period of intense focus and meditation on God – Spiritual Emphasis Week. But is that really what happened? Students raved about the experience as it was happening, but what do they have to say now? “Jason was a really good speaker,” said freshman Ryan Busse. “I felt I built a relationship with the speaker,” said fellow freshman Devin Hubbard. Most of the talk centered on the performance of speaker Jason Miller. Students enjoyed his style and learned much from him. But the above comments were from people who had not gone through this experience before. What was the week like for those who have? “From my perspective, few Spiritual Weeks stand alone in their impact on our campus,” said history professor Dennis Engbrecht. “Instead I tend to see them having an accumulative effect on our students over the four years they are at Bethel.  This most recent one was especially impactful due to the content and capability of the speaker to connect with the audience.  I love the tweaks in the delivery system Student Development improvised for this year.” While it seems the immediate feeling is that the week went well, the true impact for students may not be felt for years to come.
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