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STUDENTS SPEAK: Do you like the changes to the Acorn?

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With an updated menu and a new look, the Acorn has made some changes this year. The changes have either made students go nuts for the Acorn or just plain driven them nuts. The Beacon asked students to give their opinion on Facebook in this year's first Student's Speak column. So what do you think of the new Acorn?
  • "The lines are poorly placed," said Andrew Morton
  • "Grand...which I'm pretty sure is synonymous for good in Ireland," said Kristen Wagnerowski
  • "The paninis don't have grill marks...therefore they are not paninis. I'm still waiting for the acorn to have paninis!" added Joe Rasbaugh.
  • "The changes are good. I think the place is so much more welcoming now and the way the drinks and line are arranged is kind of awkward but it works somehow. I'm also happy they finally got the tvs down there and that booths were placed instead of the weird and somewhat uncomfortable couches," Nathaniel Montiel said.
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