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Recruiting efforts lead to large freshman class


This year’s freshman class at Bethel is one of the largest ever at the school. It’s good news for Bethel, which has struggled with declining enrollment in recent years. Those declines in enrollment have contributed to cutbacks in staff and faculty. This year’s... More »

What will Bethel students learn about origins?


Bethel faculty members gathered  on Tuesday, March 17 to discuss  the school’s position when it comes to teaching students about origins. It’s an issue that has created some division within the school because professors, students, staff and administrators have... More »

Theatre department plays musical chairs


In a classic game of musical chairs, players shuffle from chair to chair, but there is never quite enough room for everyone. However, the Bethel College Theatre Department is now dealing with just the opposite. During the theatre department major/minor meeting... More »

Don’t talk back on Yik-Yak


Bethel College has recently received bad publicity via an app called Yik-Yak. Yik-Yak, which works the same as an “anonymous Twitter,” is a feed of unidentifiable posts that can be read by users within a 1.5 mile region. “When I first got the app, there were m... More »