Cross Country

Bethel XC takes flight

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Sophomore Trisha Miller came in 6th place at the home meet on Oct. 8 and is hoping to do just as well at Conference. (Photo by Jeff Welsh)
Bethel women’s number one cross-country runner, Trisha Miller, is lacing up for Conference this Saturday. A sophomore and intercultural studies major, Miller has been running since her freshman year at Maquoketa High School in Iowa. When it comes to the finish line, she’s usually the first to cross for the Bethel Blue. She always strides for first and she hopes to put her best foot forward for both her team and for God this weekend. “It’s good to set high goals, to have high ambitions because you don’t want to ever limit yourself,” said Miller. A typical 5k race consists of 3.1 miles, a distance which Miller consistently tramples in under 19 minutes. However, different course lay-outs make it difficult to evaluate the competition by running times alone, so Miller’s glad to be hosting the meet. With a “home-field” advantage Bethel may have a leg up on the other teams this year as they are more familiar with the twists and turns on the course. Miller said this will help her to visualize the race better and strategize her surge points. Conference qualifies the top five individual runners for NAIA and Miller hopes to make a repeat visit from last year. It’s typical for Miller to get nervous before a race. A lot of her prep time is spent praying and focusing on why she runs, an idea her coach stresses to the whole team. Miller said that God’s peace usually calms her nerves and by the time the gun goes off confidence flows into swift feet. “I do this for God’s glory because he’s given me this talent and I want to give it back to Him,” shared Miller. Head Cross Country Coach, Ryan Sommers thinks if Miller’s on she’ll be hard to beat. “She’s a lot stronger this year. She’s a different runner from last year. Her focus is better. She believes she can win it and that’s what her goal is,” said Sommers. Summers said Bethel has improved every meet and if the pattern continues there’s an outside chance for both the guys and gals to finish in the top five. Conference will be at St. Pats field with the women shooting off at 11a.m. and the men at noon.
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