Bethel alumnus writes powerful book on leadership

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Bethel alumnus and former Pilot Basketball Assistant Coach Todd Gongwer quit his day job in 2009 and wrote a book titled LEAD... for God’Sake!.The book slowly garnered success and has received praise and endorsements from some of the biggest names in sports, such as Lou Holtz, John Calipari and Urban Meyer. LEAD... for God’Sake! is a parable about leadership. Throughout the book, Gongwer explores why individuals do what they do. The tale takes place in Kentucky where Head Basketball Coach Steve Rocker, usually a perennial winner, is having trouble motivating his players. As his team continues to underperform, Coach Rocker is forced to change his approach to leadership. Along the way Coach Rocker seeks the help of an unsuspecting leadership guru Joe Taylor, a janitor. As his team’s season collapses, Coach Rocker is forced to ask himself why he does what he does. Gongwer creates an engaging and realistic piece of literature that drives home essential principles about leadership. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down as you travel with Coach Rocker through the ups and downs on his journey of becoming a better leader. Gongwer is no stranger to many business students on campus. Last year he spoke in Dr. Pete McCown’s classes, and this year he was the main speaker at the Business Etiquette Dinner. Many folks in the Bethel community have read LEAD... for God’Sake!. In fact, Head Softball Coach Anna Welsh and Head Baseball Coach Seth Zartman have both read and endorsed the book. Senior Jon Enfield said, “ Its an inspirational story that every athlete should read.” “LEAD... for God’Sake! caused me to consider how I approach leadership and life in general,” said Senior Kyle Dantzer. “In order to successfully lead, one must first find their ultimate purpose. I wish I had read this book before my athletic career was over but I am excited to have come to this realization as I head out into the world.”
Pictured is a copy of Todd Gongwer's book LEAD... for God’Sake! (photo by Josh Winningham)
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