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From the Assistant Editor

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Hello Bethel Readers, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what we have worked so hard on. I hope you enjoyed my crosswords. I’ve had a blast making them. They were difficult because I did them by hand. This is an experience I recommend fully. I’d start with a 5x5 if you want to experiment with making one yourself, but here is the recipe for making a 15x15 crossword by hand. Get 3-4 scrabble games together, taking all the letters out and organizing them into piles. Organizing is a little unnecessary, but it does make it easier to put letters down quickly later on. Next, find a theme, with a 15-letter word you put in the middle for the across and three or four big words you slap down for down clues. From there, through sweat and determination, fill in the rest, putting down black squares after any word you have finished.  

This print edition will be the last print edition I will work on. This letter is something of a swan song for my three semesters working at the Bethel Beacon. I want to focus on four areas of my gratefulness from writing and editing for my friends.  

The first is how much I appreciate the graciousness of my writers and the people I interview. I want to thank those who have edited for and written for The Beacon. I am grateful for the amount of knowledge I have learned from those I interviewed. Your knowledge is beyond valuable and Bethel is lucky to have you all. I am grateful for the amount of comradery that my peers who write for the Bethel Beacon have given me. 

The second is how much I have appreciated my boss, Susan Miller, throughout these semesters. I know my AP style wasn’t and still might not be the best, and my editing skills were previously all about removing thats rather than oxford commas, but I want to say how grateful I am to be under your tutelage and learn every bit of information I can from your years of work in the journalism field. Many thanks for the advice you have given me and will continue to give me as I continue to work for the Beacon for these last few weeks. I know your advice will come in handy sooner rather than later. 

The third is how much I appreciate my fellow editor at the Bethel Beacon, Brianna Densmore. Your fire and enthusiasm for the Bethel Beacon is underappreciated. Your fire and enthusiasm for the snow is unfortunate but warranted. Anyways, I know your fire will keep the Bethel Beacon lit, and your enthusiasm will light a fire for a new generation of writers.  

Lastly, thank you to all our readers for supporting us to keep this paper going. 

Many thanks, 

Josiah “Jo” Hackett 

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