Hannah’s Handle on Hollywood: Highlight-Grammys Lowlight-Super Bowl

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beyonce at the grammysSince the last article, two majorly anticipated yearly events have taken place. First was the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. A week later, over 106 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl 44, beating out the series finale of M.A.S.H for the record of most viewers of a single episode television program. So, basically I had major plans with the tele two Sundays in a row. Now, I’ve never been a huge Grammy watcher. I mean, not many people have Grammy parties like Super Bowl parties. So growing up, I would catch performances here and there, but this year I decided I needed to tune in to this musical event. I was not disappointed at all. I mean, it started off with Lady Gaga performing which, let’s face it was kinda weird. But then toward the end of the performance Elton John and Gaga (which by the way I found out is what she likes to be called) came out and did some sort of dueling piano thing. There was so much royalty going on. Green Day performed with the cast of a new musical set to Green Day songs. The cast of "American Idiot" and Green Day teamed up to sing the song "21 Guns." It was a little "gleeish," but sort of cool. And I don’t even like Green Day that much. Pink’s performance was interesting. The song was kind of bland, but she did some neat acrobat tricks. Who knew Pink was such a circus performer? Maybe she is good friends with the Ringling Brothers? Now of Taylor Swift, I’m a fan for sure. I mean I think we could be friends, and sometimes a light hearted T-swizzle song is perfect to sing along with, but … her performance was rough. She was probably nervous. I mean, she is only 20 and although it has been a huge year for her, she is still new to her fame. At least we know she didn’t lip sync right? But the one who made the night … Beyonce! Not only did she clean up in awards, but her performance was awesome. I’ve watched it three times on Youtube. She can do anything and sing anything and it is going to be awesome. Go B. Oh, and in case you were wondering if she and Jay-Z have a son, that was Solange’s (B’s sister) son. Now on to the Super Bowl. Maybe I am just biased because my Indianapolis Colts were … don’t make me say it… beat. But, was the Superbowl lame or what? Aside from the game, because if you were rooting for the Saints for some odd reason it was probably extremely entertaining, it was a letdown. But seeing as how this is a column about Hollywood and not sports, I’ll let someone else cover the upset that occurred last week. I’ll cover the upset that was the Half-time show. I know that the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake thing was a big deal. I understand how it offended people and all of that, but can we get some younger singers back on the bill please. I think punishment has lasted long enough. It’s been six years! We could do some young and old combos to reach all of the target markets if that is the concern. Remember the Aerosmith, Nelly, N’Sync, Britney and Mary J. Blige that happened in 2001? Awesome. Let’s go back to those days. Well, for the Colts and the halftime show, there is always next year. For the Grammys, thanks for the great show.
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