If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?

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Rebecca Miko, freshman: If I could only see black and white and one other color, it would be yellow. Heather Thomas, freshman: Though it's not generally my "favorite" color, in that case I would have to choose blue... so that I could still witness the beauty of the sky and sea. Elizabeth Troup, sophomore: Green. Dr. Eric Oglesbee, professor: Crimson (Go Hoosiers!) Tyler Mick, sophomore: Red. Morgan Fox, freshmen: Orange. Jonathon Wyza, administrative computing: Red. While I’m not a particular fan of red, it is used for universal warnings. Dave Schmidt, professor: Blue. Janelle Foster, junior: I would like to see Yellow. That would brighten up the black and white. Julie Reichenbach, freshman: Green of course Becca! Megan Weldy, junior: I would see purple! Because purple is the best color ever! Shelby Trusty, freshman: Purple. Gina Harker, faculty: My response is White! Rachel Renee Reinders, senior: "Pink! Duh, it is like the most fabulous gender neutral color ever!" Dr. Rebecca Wilson, professor: Red. When we mix black (sin) and red (blood of Christ shed for us), we get white (forgiveness)! Jenny Gerrard, freshman: I would choose to see the color Peach! Chelsea Nyce, freshman: Green. Jen Dado, sophomore: Blue. Drew Weaver, freshman: I would want to see green. Jesse Maurer, freshman: I probably wouldn't pick any color because it would probably make the picture look weird. Otherwise I would pick the color of my future wife's eyes. (This color is unknown at present!) Holly Salerno, sophomore: Blue! Sammy Vasquez, freshman: Blue. Rachelle Courtney, freshman: I would chose to see blue because that is what lakes and the sky appear to be and blue is my favorite color so I would still be able to enjoy looking at it Maria Bangcong, sophomore: Bling Bling. Kate Carr, freshman: Green! Lisa Chang, sophomore: Blue; it's my favorite color. Brittini Whetstone, freshman: Green. Amy Baker, freshman: I think I would like to see green in addition to black and white. So much natural beauty and lush vegetation are in this color scheme, and I'd miss seeing them in full color. Matt Molcjan, junior: The color of Denis Engbrecht's eyes. David Smith, sophomore: Salmon. Bethany Pratt, junior: Greenish blue (or would it be bluish green?) then I could have a little bit of the sky and grass. Hannah Winfield, junior: The most cheerful things in life are yellow. Why do you think God created the the sun to be the center of our solar system? It is the bright, yellow ball our earth orbits! It is yellow! I sure don't want to miss out seeing the sun every day. Leah D. Smith, junior: I would also like to see the color green. That way I could still appreciate all of the lush varieties of green that are out there in the world when it comes to plants and grass and food. Jessica Edmonds, senior: I would want to see green so that I could see the grass and the trees and many other wondrous plants. That seems to be the majority of what's around me, and I would want to see as much true color as possible. Kristie Nave, freshman: Purple. Olivia Johanan, senior: Yellow, that's a good color. You can't go wrong with that one. Tyler Moore, freshman: I would choose to see the color red because it’s in so many things. What’s funny is that red isn't even my favorite color. My favorite color is block 9. Krista Ream, freshman: Purple. Richard Young, theatre department chair: If I could only see one color it would be the color of Carol Ann's eyes, which is kind of hard to describe, but I know it when I see it. Tabbitha Coughlin, freshman: I would choose to see pastel pink. Brady Klotz, sophomore: Blue. Hannah Miller, junior: Green. Because I love Julie Reichenbach, and that is her favorite color! Ask her why, it’s an awesome reason! Alicia Carlton, freshman: Green. Debbie Cloud, freshman: If I chose one color it would be turquoise! Rafael Borges, junior: I'd choose Blue because it is the sky's color and is a peaceful color that refers tranquility. Heather Owens, freshman: It's a tossup between light blue and red. Elliot Rowe, junior: Blue, because it is my favorite color and whenever i see it, it makes me happy. Alexis Klosinski, freshman: I would choose red as it is one of my favorite colors along with black and white. It demands attention; it's the prettiest color in the fall, and it just so happens to look awesome on me! Jalysa Smith, sophomore: I would love to be able to see black, white, and rainbow! Neil Silveus, junior: Burnt Orange. Ayla Besinger, sophomore: I would want to see yellow, so that I was able to stay positive. Becky Harness, junior: Definitely blue. For all of those beautiful shades of blue eyes, the gorgeous sky, and of course our pretty Bethel blue school color. Lauren Dudley, freshman: I would choose green because then you could see flowers, trees and leaves. Lindsay Stork, sophomore: Definitely hot pink!
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