Nutshell: What Movie Would You Like to See Shown on Campus?

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MISHAWAKA – In this week’s Nutshell, we asked students what type of movie, or what specific movie they would like to see shown on campus. Here are your responses: 

Angela Skow, a Junior Children’s Ministry Major said, “I would really like to see a Disney movie, one of the originals.” 

Lynn Ford, a Junior English and Writing major said, “Maybe ‘Baby Driver’?” 

Taylor Lavengood, a Junior Children’s Ministry major said, “Comedy!” 

Amanda Jenkins said, “Disney Movies would be my pick!” 

Emily Twiddy, a Freshman Nursing major said, “I would like to see a thriller type movie, or mystery.” 

Anna Carpenter, an Elementary Education major said, “I’d love to see any Disney movie on campus. Lion King and Finding Nemo are some of my favorites!” 

Elijah Andrews, a Senior Business Administration major, “I thought I hated musicals until my roommate introduced me to [the new] Aladdin. I got sucked in and was surprisingly very entertained. I’d have to go with that one again, my answer is Aladdin!” 

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