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“No Coke – Pepsi”

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Pepsi cooler that replaced the Coke cooler after the contract switch at Sufficient Grounds. (Photo by Lydia Beers)
Over the summer Bethel switched out all the Coke products for Pepsi products. Students have mixed feelings towards this. Sophomore Courtney Hemminger does not mind the swap. She prefers Dr. Pepper, so she is okay with the change. However, sophomore Lisa Chang has other thoughts. “What I really miss is the Powerade,” said Chang. “That’s the drink that I usually drink the most.” Since Chang no longer has her drink of choice she has to drink soda which is disappointing to her. The decision to switch out Coke was decided when the five-year contract that Bethel had with it ended, said Clair Knapp, Bethel’s vice president for financial affairs and chief financial officer. Nine months before the contract ended decisions were considered for the next five-year contract. Coke and Pepsi were both contacted to submit proposals, but Coke never responded. “Coke chose to blow us off,” said Knapp. The swap from Coke to Pepsi ended with Pepsi’s proposal. “I am overjoyed that Bethel College has made the switch to Pepsi products,” said senior Lydia Beers. “I am happy to choose them at Sufficient Grounds, the Acorn, and the DC. One plus to the Pepsi change is that we get bottles at Sufficient instead of cans.”
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