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Futsal Intramurals Begin

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MISHAWAKA--On Monday, Jan. 16, futsal intramurals will begin in Wiekamp. Futsal is a game that is similar to soccer, with a few rule changes due to its indoor nature and to let our school soccer players join.  

According to Nicholas Geever, the resident director of Oakwood and director for Bethel campus intramural sports, there are a few things students need to know before kickoff. The games will take place every week on Mondays and Thursdays at night. It will be five-on-five, similar to last semester’s basketball intramural. Futsal typically takes place on indoor turf, but Bethel is improvising to use the basketball courts. The boundaries are similar to those of a basketball court, and players will not be able to bounce the ball off the wall to keep it in play. The ball will be different than normal with it being coated in more rubber so it doesn’t fly far.  

When it comes to creating teams, there are two specific rules to follow.  

“Each team is allowed to have a female on their team and on the court, as well as a maximum of three [junior varsity] or [varsity players] on your team,” Geever said.  

No team may be comprised solely of soccer players. Preseason will last for four to five weeks with everyone having matches against each other in a round robin type fashion. At the end of the time period, everyone will have a win-loss score and will be seeded accordingly for the final tournament, which will take place the last week before spring break.

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