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Spiritual Emphasis Week

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Spiritual Emphasis Week is well under way here at Bethel. On Monday, Clint Ussher began the week with a call for Christians to wake up and start living out their faith in a more radical way. Ussher has continued to speak at both morning and evening chapels throughout the week. He will speak for the last time at the Wednesday evening chapel at 8 p.m. Paige Davis, a junior, is experiencing Spiritual Emphasis Week for the first time after transferring to Bethel this fall. She is excited about this special opportunity on the Bethel Campus after coming from a non-Christian school. Davis is glad that Bethel is taking the time to focus on what really matters to God instead of simply focusing on grades and attendance. When asked how this week has been affecting her, Davis stated that the chapels have been very “encouraging.” “Clint has really been challenging us to realize that faith is all about action,” said Davis. “These past few days have been a complete affirmation of how God has been working in my life,” she continued. The schedule for this week has been altered from previous ones. Instead of having one speaker the entire week, our speaker this week will end on Wednesday. Thursday morning will feature a special testimonies chapel and Friday morning will focus on how to apply the lessons that have been learned through the chapel message. The new schedule will hopefully make it easier for the speakers and their families by reducing the time commitment involved as well as providing a bit more variation between the different chapel services. Many students, however, enjoy having one main speaker for the week as it gives more time to connect with the person who is sharing with them. This altered schedule seems to provide that opportunity as well as cater to those who want a bit more diversity in the chapel messages
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