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Stick it or ticket: Students are reminded to pick up their car decals

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Campus Safety began enforcing the new parking stickers Monday, Sept. 20.
The Bethel College community no longer has a free pass when it comes to parking around campus. Campus safety is now officially on the look-out for any vehicles parked on campus that are not registered and do not have the required parking decal. “Sept. 20 we will begin the enforcement of vehicle registration and parking decal policy. The online registration is always open, and you can continue to register even after the deadline,” said Philip Jerome, director of campus safety, in an email that was recently sent throughout the college. “If you have registered your vehicle, received your confirmation email that your decal is ready, and have not picked up your decal, please do so as soon as possible,” said Jerome. Campus safety reported that they currently have 1,004 cars registered on campus. They also noted that if a student is unable to pick up their parking decal during normal office hours they are a 24/7 outfit. If a student needs to stop by campus safety after hours there is a “red” button located on a callbox by the front entrance. This callbox can put students in contact with the officer on duty that will help them get their parking decal. Some students have complained about the fact that Bethel students have to pay to park on campus. “I don’t think anyone likes to pay for parking, but if that’s what it takes for me to park on campus that’s what I’ll do,” said junior Rosten Hamman. Hamman also said that it is, “super easy to register online.” “I think it’s kind of dumb or maybe it could be cheaper,” said junior Collin Koogler. However, not all students are unhappy with the fact that they have to pay to park on campus. “I don’t really have any true feelings, but maybe they could lump it on our tuition,” offered junior Robert Horton. Below is the link for anyone who may still need to register his or her vehicle.
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