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Students and faculty to discuss issues of diversity in society

 -  -  28

The Center for Intercultural Development is leading a discussion called “Healing Waters: Conversations on Diversity in Society” on Wed., Sept. 21 at 5:30 p.m. in room 220 of the Academic Center. Sophomore Mercy Langat and senior DaVonne Harris will be leading the event. During the discussion there will be a “spoken word” by Theo Williams, a time of prayer, survey questions, and a discussion of an Indian article. According to Langat there will also be a time in which they will look at Bible verses pertaining diversity. “Although we have an agenda, we know that a lot of people who come whether it be students, faculty or staff might have a lot that they want to share,” said Langat. “The whole point of this was to create a place where people can talk about whatever they have gone through whether its discrimination, prejudice, or learning to accept other people.” If you have any questions you can contact Mercy Langat or DaVonne Harris.
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