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The Row House residents relocate

 -  -  31

The women of the Row House have a new home in the townhouses of Logan Village. The eight residents of the house migrated to Logan Village after the burglary that occurred in their home on Sept. 7. The girls have been understandably shaken up after an intruder entered their house and burglarized it. Bethel College maintenance has revamped some of the safety features of the house following the break-in. However, even with these new safety precautions a few of the girls did not want to remain in the house.  “Some girls were uncomfortable living in the house so we decided to move and stick together because it doesn’t matter where we live as long as we’re together.” said Row House resident Katie Powell. On Sept. 12, the ladies swapped places with some male residents who were willing to live in the Row House. Alex Gonzalez, resident director for perimeter housing ,said that the Logan Village townhouses are, “ a lot safer,” and that the “house is a better target,” for intruders. Gonzalez also said regarding Logan Village, “the Units are close together so there’s less traffic.” He noted that the Logan townhouses are very safe and do not really experience much crime. Nestled in the safe community of Logan Village the ladies of the Row House can hopefully sleep easier these days.
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