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“We would rather report to 10 false calls than have you discover a missing laptop or iPod,” said Phil Jerome, director of Campus Safety. It is Campus Safety’s goal to help students feel safe at all times, but there are simple steps that can go a long way in protecting yourself. According to Jerome and officers Paul Neel and Tammie Collins, students should lock their rooms when they leave, report lost keys and swipe cards, register personal property with campus safety, and keep valuables with them or behind a locked door at all times. “Don’t leave your valuables in your vehicle,” says Neel. “On a daily basis, we see purses and iPods in plain view.” Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the “safe-walk” service Campus Safety offers. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable walking alone at night they can call Campus Safety at (574) 292-8100 and an officer will escort them across campus. Jerome hopes that more students will take part in using this service. “Especially if someone is walking from campus to perimeter,” says Jerome. “I don’t feel safe when it’s dark because it’s a good 13 minute plus walk back,” said sophomore Katie Zook, “and it would be easy to take advantage of a female walking alone that far at night.” She has never called campus safety for a “safe-walk” because her brother, senior Charles Zook, walks her back when she needs someone. “I only walk by myself during the day,” says senior Beatriz Eisenhour. “At night, I make sure to have someone with me at all times.” One of the major changes Campus Safety has made is becoming more accessible online. The Campus Safety home page can now be found under the Campus Services link on Bethel’s homepage, or at The site is easy to navigate and students can register their vehicles, report lost and found items, report anonymous eyewitness information, register personal property, and read the annual security report (available after Oct. 1). Jerome also meets with other college safety directors in the area to discuss what is happening on different campuses and the procedures used. There also continues to be a good working relationship with the Mishawaka police and fire departments. “We are here to serve them (students),” said Jerome. If there are any suggestions, comments, or concerns about Campus Safety, students are encouraged to e-mail Jerome directly or use the comment page on the Web site.
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