What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

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Tabbitha Coughlin, freshman: I would attempt to fly. Tyler Walstra, sophomore: I would attempt to fail. Martinez Stephens, sophomore: What I would attempt if I knew I couldn't fail is get everyone to obtain a relationship with God, and totally trust in Him for everything. I would do this because if everyone obtains a one on one relationship to God, God would cause hearts, and minds to change. Then when God changes the hearts, and minds of everyone we would all be on the same page. Then everything would change for the better automatically, because God is in control. Dani Drury, freshman: Everything. Maralee Crandon, professor: Time traveling to Shakespeare's London and the Globe playhouse! However, I'd take hand sanitizer along to cope with the germs. And, to avoid sexist discrimination, I'd disguise myself as a nobleman--probably a Puritan nobleman on a guilt trip attending the Globe! Tyler Mick, sophomore: If I knew I could not fail, I would attempt to solve the remaining six millennium prize problems. Randall Bridges, junior: I'd attempt any extreme sport like BMX, skateboarding, motocross, etc. I'd do these mostly because the worst part of these sports are the failing and injury from failure. If I knew I could not fail, the sports would become super fun to me and not super painful. I'd be pulling the big stunts out! Nicole Freeman, junior: Preach the Gospel atop the Ka'aba. Adam Forrester, junior: I would fly like Superman all over the universe and find Heaven. Jordan Robbins, junior: Share the message of Jesus Christ with the whole world, be a gymnast and sprinter and go for the Olympic gold, fly, breathe underwater, play the guitar and be a singer and I would try to fail. Chelsea Nyce, freshman: Buy A Lottery Ticket, or Sky Dive. Ann Beachy, sophomore: I would sell a paperclip for one million dollars. Maria Bangcong, sophomore: Climb to the top of Mount Everest Branden Paulun, senior: Probably anything that Jack Bauer does.  Lisa Chang, sophomore: I'd attempt to learn how to cook. I fail at that in life sadly. Becky Harness, junior: If failure was not an option, I would be a way more confident person. However, how would any of us learn anything if we never failed? Andrew Oldfield, staff: Being a Navy SEAL for sure!! Barbara Brutt, junior: I would jump off a cliff with the intention of flight and living to tell the story. Heather Owens, freshman: I would audition to play Elphaba in the musical Wicked. William Cook, sophomore: What would be the point of trying something if I knew I had no chance of failure? What success comes with that? Robby Rasbaugh, senior: I would build a giant suspension bridge to span the gap from Alaska to Russia. Amy Shirk, sophomore: I would go on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" or "Deal or No Deal" so I could win a million dollars and then donate some of the money to World Wildlife Fund. (Plus use it to pay for college). Brady Klotz, sophomore: I would attempt an Anatomy Test. Georgia Boisse, sophomore: Playing Powerball obviously. Rebekah Krueger, senior: I would attempt to spout wings and fly around the world. Tytannia Hopkins, freshman: I would attempt joining the JV basketball team. Muta Mweyna, senior: Making a run for heaven. Jesse Maurer, freshman: I would get all Muslims converted to Christianity. Russ Fish, professor: Develop an email system where as adjunct professors didn't get campus wide email. 95% of all email we get has no relevance to us.
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