Q&A with Bethel’s very own Blue Men

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              Josh Winningham: Who are you guys and what do you do?  Blue Men: We are the Bethel College Blue Men. Individually we are Baloo, Le Cordon Bleu, and Azul. We will do anything to help Bethel teams get a victory.  JW: When did you start the Blue men?  BM: The idea came to us last year by one of the members. We debuted this idea at a BCVB game versus Goshen College earlier this year.  JW: Why do you want to remain a secret?  BM: We want it to be more about the legend of the Bethel Blue Men than ourselves. We plan to pass the idea down as we move on from Bethel. We would like this to be a Bethel trademark in the MCC that all opponents will know coming in that they are going to have to face eventually.  JW: What inspired you guys to do this?  BM: We stumbled across a video on YouTube of a Vancouver Canucks’ hockey game where they had “Green Men” at their game. These men made fun of and gave a hard time to opponents who ended up in the penalty box. So, we thought, “This would be fun to do at Bethel.” So we did.  JW: Why are you doing this?  BM: To show some Bethel spirit in a whole new way. It hasn’t been done here before so we decided to do it. Plus, you only live once you might as well have fun.  JW: How long do you think you will be able to keep your identities a secret?  BM: Not too long, honestly. Bethel is a small community. Stuff gets around fast, but we are praying that it doesn’t.  JW: What is your favorite team to support on campus?  BM: We do not have a favorite, because we love all of them. We plan to make it out to at least one event of each team before our time here at Bethel is done.  JW: Which Blue Man came up with the idea?  BM: Baloo, the head Blue Man.  JW: Now there are some rumors going on around campus as to your identities is there any truth to them? And what do you have to say to the folks who are trying to find out who you are?  BM: They could be true, yet they could be false. We all know you cannot trust all rumors. A lot of junk goes around, it can’t possibly all be true. For those who are trying to find out our identity, we ask that you would respect the Blue Men as a whole and give it a rest. Plus, we must all remember that this is a Christian campus, and gossip is a sin. So, you can draw your own conclusions there.  JW: What does the future hold for the Blue Men?  BM: Hopefully it will be a long future passed on from student to student with many trips around the country supporting Bethel in any way necessary.  JW: Should the Blue Men become the official mascot for Bethel athletics?  BM: That is something we never thought about before, but that would be an amazing dream to see come true. We will run with this “With Christ at the Helm” as far as we can go.  JW: Will we be seeing more of you guys this year?  BM: Most definitely, and maybe not just at sporting events, but other events and activities on campus.  JW: Could the Blue Men be the start of an ongoing tradition at Bethel?  BM: If the students of Bethel, who we love so dearly, buy into and embrace the Blue Men, it hopefully will be.  JW: What do you guys do to get pumped up before a game?  BM: Honestly, we start by getting dressed talking about the game and the things that we can do to make it more interesting and fun for everyone. Then, we listen and dance to “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, our theme song. Then we run out of the door to the game, pumped for Bethel College!
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