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‘Enter the Holy Stable’

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“Enter the Holy Stable” is the theme for this year’s Christmas Concert. The Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, Voices of Triumph, Collegians, and the Chamber Orchestra collaborate to create a memorable and celebratory event. Performance dates are Dec. 3 – 4 with concerts at 7:30 in the evening and one concert at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. Tickets can be bought for $8 for adults and $7 for students and seniors. Every year, the Christmas concert is structured about a new theme. The music is chosen based upon this theme. “’Enter the Holy Stable’ comes from the piece ‘Carol to the King,’” said Concert Choir director Bob Ham. “We sang this piece last year, and every time we came to the line ‘enter now the holy stable’ I was in awe at the thought. I decided during one of the concerts last year that I would do this piece again and that I would title the concert after this line. That line has guided my choices of repertoire, our program design and our decorations for this year.” The Christmas Concert will include favorite songs such as “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and the Collegians plan to entertain with a “Christmas on Broadway.” Voices of Triumph plans to greet the incoming audience with Christmas carols. “Before the show, Voices of Triumph will be dressed as shepherds and singing some carols in the great hall to set the atmosphere – entering the holy stable,” said senior Lyndsey Tschetter. “I think it’ll be a really neat aspect ad I’m glad to be a part of it.” Tschetter has also shared that a particular song entitled “Some Children See Him” will be sung by Voices of Triumph for the Christmas concert. This song focuses primarily on how children view the Christ child. It revels in how children relate to the baby Jesus and still how He is the glory of the world. “You will be moved,” said junior Nathan Jackson who is currently studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. “Something about the music and the atmosphere just hits and moves you. No matter if you’re hearing it for the first time or if you’re in the choir singing it for the thousandth time.” The Christmas Concert will also include a couple of songs that are a part of the Concert Choir’s ordinary repertoire. One of these songs is called “Amen.” This song has been occasionally used in the Concert Choir within the past twenty years. “Amen is my favorite number, although it is not just for Christmas. I love it because it gives the gospel story in 3 minutes,” said Ham. “It also allows the choir to respond appropriately to the various events of Jesus’ life. It continues to be the most anointed piece I've ever done. We've sung it in rural communities like Farmland, Indiana and on the stage at Carnegie Hall. Everywhere people respond the same way. It is triumphant, straight forward and rewarding to sing.” Women’s Chorale brings the unique and exquisite sound of a pure female choir. This year, they will be singing two pieces that add to the theme of “Enter the Holy Stable.” “Women’s Chorale numbers were chosen for their contrast, appropriateness of setting, and musical excellence,” said director of Women’s Chorale and Collegians Jill Hostetler. “We open with ‘The Christ Child Sleeps,’ a beautiful a cappella piece that has an angelic sound appropriate for the setting of ‘The Holy Stable.’ Our second number is ‘Masters In This Hall’ proclaiming the good news of Christ's birth.” For the concert, the Collegians shall be performing a conglomeration of Christmas music. This music medley will include tap dance. According to tradition, Collegians will end with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” “I love medleys! Our Collegian’s ‘Christmas on Broadway’ special is a fun mix of traditional Christmas songs,” said junior Sabrina Hallock. “We end this energetic tapping piece by singing the powerful lyrics ‘light this world with your love.’ I enjoy ending a fun, musical theatre Christmas piece on a more serious note, a challenge for all who listen.” This year’s Christmas Concert promises to not only entertain, but to start the Christmas season off with a focus on Jesus Christ. It will offer familiar Christmas carols and more obscure Christmas music for the enjoyment of the audience. “I look forward to singing a true Christmas Concert,” said Ham. “We don't have to call it a mid-winter concert, we can say it is a Christmas Concert and proclaim the truth of the birth of Christ. I also love the combining of the choir and the orchestra for some majestic pieces. It is also an honor to be part of a long tradition of excellence in music at Bethel, and the Christmas Concert is a wonderful way to carry on the tradition.” Tickets can be bought at the Ticket Office in the Everest Rohr or by calling 574.807.7575.
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