‘Harry Potter’ fans prepare for the beginning of the end

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The long awaited first half of the final Harry Potter movie from the seven book series is finally here. Needless to say that many fans will be there at the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I” premiere on Fri. Nov. 19 at midnight. One of the fans that will attending is sophomore Hannah Akers who also went to the midnight showing of the 6th Harry Potter film and has read all of the books and seen the movies multiple times. “It's a fun adventure to go to the midnight showing, especially since I love staying up late anyway,” said Akers. Sophomore Sarah Henderson is also a fan of Harry Potter, but admits that she has only read the first four books and hasn't seen all of the films. She is currently "sparknoting" the last three books and is watching the movies before the premiere. “I am a Harry Potter fan for a few reasons,” said Henderson. “First of all, when you involve magic in a book series, it makes the books much less predictable because you never know how magic can twist a storyline and surprise you. Secondly, the ways the characters all relate and interact with each other is great. Many of the characters have a lot of chemistry with each other, and that makes each book seem realistic, even if it is fiction. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, I am a Harry Potter fan because there are no vampires involved in the series.” She even went out to compare the series to the Twilight series. “Harry Potter is better than Twilight because you can enjoy the series for other reasons than focusing on how good-looking certain characters are, or how ‘sensitive,’ ‘romantic,’ or ‘ripped’ they are,” said Henderson. “Readers like the characters in Harry Potter for their personalities and the decisions they make throughout the books instead of their physical appearances, even though those are still paid attention to as well.” Another sophomore Courtney Hemminger will also be attending the midnight showing and would consider herself a huge Harry Potter fan. “I love stories that prevent you from predicting the ending and ones where all sorts of elements are present; humor, love, peace, war, friendship, sacrifice, and surprise,” said Hemminger. “Harry Potter has it all. There are all sorts of twists and turns in the plot, and then it all comes together in the end to create a picture that no one but J.K. Rowling could have thought of.” Akers, Henderson, and Hemminger are all fans but admit they won't be dressing up for the premiere. “I am excited to go at midnight because I want to be able to witness the hardcore fans going crazy,” said Henderson. “I look forward to seeing how they all dress up and get pumped about this movie. I have never been to a midnight premier before, but I have decided that this would be a great one to experience.”
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