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Jazz Percussion Night took much preparation

 -  -  25

The Bethel College Jazz Ensemble will be hosting the Jazz Percussion Night in the Everest-Rohrer Chapel auditorium Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m. The Jazz Ensemble, which is directed by Dr. Reginald Klopfenstein has been preparing for this event since the start of the fall semester. The musical event will feature a jazz combo, which is a small group drawn from the Jazz Ensemble that will feature more soloing. In addition, the Percussion Ensemble will also be performing. “Gospel John,” “In the Mood,” and “Cry Me a River” are just a few of the jazz tunes that will be featured during this evening of music. The song “Cry Me a River” will also feature senior vocalist Samantha Hartsough. “It will be a good concert with exciting and fun music that will have a little something for everyone,” said Jazz Ensemble Trumpeter Josh Klopfenstein.
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