Kurosawa at 100

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For you black and white movie fans out there, the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at Notre Dame is showing movies by Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa. The DeBartolo is playing Kurosawa’s movies as part of their Kurosawa at 100 series celebrating his 100th birthday. “What I personally love most about it is that it gives us students the ability to see excellent and sometimes rare films in a way most people will never get to experience them,” said Bethel junior Andrew Hertzberb. The DeBartolo plays, not only Kurosawa films, but many other foreign films and documentaries. “The DeBartolo is a great place for those who love movies or anyone who just wants to watch films from other cultures,” said Josh Harris, a Notre Dame sophomore. The DeBartolo screens a wide variety in their theater including traditional films, opera and documentaries. Besides the DeBartolo cinema, you can also enjoy music, plays and dance all performed in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Regular admission to an event at the DeBartolo can go for as much as $12, but students can get in for only $3 with proof of student id. The Kurosawa at 100 event ends Dec. 9 with Kurosawa’s 1949 film “Stray Dog.” “Going to the DeBartolo to see Kurosawa’s films can introduce people to a whole new genre of film,” said Hertzberb.
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