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The ins and outs of the Wellness Fair

 -  -  24

Senior nursing students along with the Wellness Center put on the annual Wellness Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 10 in the Everest-Rohrer Chapel. Most students don’t realize how much effort goes into putting on an event like this and making it a success. “I know that our nursing professors and the staff at the Wellness Center had so much to do to get ready for the health fair,” said senior nursing student Abby Husch. “They had to get together all the prizes, communicate with maintenance to get the fair set up to get the tables for our booths, get the snacks and giveaways together, order lunch for us…the list goes on and on. They put so much work into making the fair a success.” The nursing students also put in a lot of effort for the fair. “As senior nursing students, we were able to choose from a list of topics last semester and have been working on our research for the topic and gathering information since the summer,” said senior nursing student Alyssa Wendler. “We contacted organizations for information and pamphlets and anything else they would like to give us. We also decorated and designed our tri-fold posters you were all able to look at. We also were able to design everything about the health fair, the theme, the tee-shirts, the music, etc.” Among the different booths offered Husch said there was information on “diabetes, STDs, HIV, physical fitness, macular degeneration, food safety, occupational health, kidney disease, cancer, oral health, mental health.” The booth she set up was on diabetes. Along with that she also checked peoples’ blood pressure. “The best part of the day was being able to educate about diabetes in a way that makes sense to people and helps them to really understand,” said Husch. “I really enjoyed teaching my fellow peers.”
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