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New signs warn students about danger of ice-skating

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Warning signs let students know that ice skating on the ponds could be risky.
Bethel College grounds staff recently installed warning signs around the ponds nestled in the center of campus Jan. 17. The signs read, “Venturing out on the ice could be dangerous & should be done at your own risk. Bethel College is not responsible for any accident or injury.”
This warning comes because of concerns about students skating on the ice. Initially there was some confusion about whether students were allowed to skate on the ice. Some students told the "Beacon" the first few times they skated on the ice Campus Safety asked the group to get off the ice because it was against the rules. Students consulted the “Bethel College Student Handbook” and Bill Bemis, resident director of Oakwood/Slater Hall. Upon further inspection both the handbook and Bemis could not point to any rule against students using the ponds for ice skating. Rosten Hamman, president of Student Council, brought a motion before Student Council last week in hopes of getting STUCO behind students utilizing the ponds for skating. The result was STUCO passed a measure to allow ice skating and Hamman said there might be possibilities of a future ice skating event on campus. Overall it seems many students are behind the idea of using the ponds for skating. "We cannot swim in the ponds, but we can make good use of the ice," said junior Hesbon Mwangi. "Not only do I think students should be allowed to skate on the ponds, I think Bethel should be actively encouraging it,” said senior Matt Kauzlarich. "Social Life says they are always looking for ways to encourage community among Bethel students ... well, what would be better than putting some lights up and doing it up right? That also allows Bethel the right to manage the pond and determine when it is safe to skate and when it is too dangerous for skating." For now ice skating will continue to be a source of good clean fun on campus thanks to the group of dedicated students shoveling the ice and the support of STUCO.
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