What is the weirdest Christmas present you ever received?

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Analiese Riga, senior: I can't tell you the weirdest Christmas gift I've ever received, but in fourth grade, my boyfriend gave me a mini-rollerblade toy. Not so weird, you might say, but the best part was that he had cut himself on the bus and the rollerblade was covered in his blood. True love. Courtney Chapmen, junior: White Elephant Gift—Glenda. She's an old creepy looking clay doll. See Korey Hostetter. Randall Bridges, junior: I once recieved a set of remote control shocking tanks from one of my uncles. You were supposed to battle your tank against a friend and shoot each other. The way you know you'd been shot is that your remote would shock you when your friend shot you. There were three volumes of shock you could set your remote on—least, medium and most. It hurt. Even on least. I ended up playing a friend who liked them the next day and just gave them to him ‘cause it just wasn't fun for me. Kostas Romeos, junior: A toy chicken giving birth to an egg. I received this gift this year by roommate Joshua Mann. Ashlee Stanley, sophomore: Slipper socks with giant cow heads on them! Got to love the gifts your aunt gets you for Christmas. Christina Adams, freshman: A dictionary Braden Klotz, sophomore: A glass polar bear Becky Harness, junior: The weirdest Christmas gift would probably be a "Grow a Boyfriend" doll that I got from my sister... Yeah, she's cool like that! Rachel Starkey, senior: The weirdest Christmas gift I ever received was a bag of black Jelly Beans. My friends were playing a joke on me. They knew I loved Jelly Beans, so they thought they would be funny and take all the color ones and just give the black ones. My friends said I was naughty and I deserved a bag of coal! Christen Wegener, freshman: A bag of potatoes for White Elephant. But that still wasn't as great as the one girl who got a live chicken. Samuel Bruce, junior: Scrubbing bubbles. It was a hint. Ryan Carlock, sophomore: A rock with a painting of a wolf on it. Cierra Abston, freshman: Hot dog toaster Professor Richard Young: Once a student gave me a plastic reindeer that poops. Still have it in my office. Hermalena Powell: A large bag (of) kitty litter and some trash bags. That was during one of my first Christmases with my husband’s family. Tiffany Christensen, senior: A really big jar of pickles. Becky Aldridge: A plastic wind chime with hummingbirds – the whole thing lit up – not just weird/different but ugly too! Elizabeth Rust, junior: When I was 7 my parents gave me a bunch of scotch tape—it was awesome. Joe Welch, senior: My uncle got me pants stretchers and a shower water flosser. I was thrilled. Michael Goodson, junior: An external hard drive for my computer. Christmas presents are supposed to be fun not useful. Right? Amy Shirk, sophomore: Remember making those "telephones" out of cans and string as kids? That's what I got. My other gifts were inside the cans and then the cans were wrapped up. It was weird opening it because I thought I was just getting telephone cans, but then there were real gifts too. Nate Jackson, junior: For a white elephant gift—the plate and screws that had formerly been holding together another person’s broken leg. Joshua Watts, senior: My grandma gave me a red change purse a few years ago. It's pretty, but I've yet to use it. Neil Silveus, junior: Red Rider BB gun Shanda Stevens: Men's pajamas Olivia Johanan, senior: It was a phone shaped like a slinky. It was weird but I loved it! Dennis Engbrecht, Senior Vice President: A pair of camouflage pajamas from Bob Laurent. Angela Myers, faculty: My brother took 200 pennies and individually wrapped every single one of them with Christmas wrapping paper and put them in a stocking. That “present” took years to unwrap. Whenever I had Euchre parties I’d lay a handful to each of my friends and we would unwrap while we played.
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