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After revival: what’s next?

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It’s been almost a week since Bethel’s campus was rocked by a 7 hour chapel service. Since Feb. 16, 2011, dubbed a “revival” by students and faculty, the dynamics of the school have changed slightly. Students have been meeting for prayer and worship on their own. Faculty and staff are planning discipleship groups. There is a hum of excitement on campus—but the question in everyone’s minds is--what next? “I believe one of two things will happen,” said Dr. Dennis Engbrecht, senior vice president, “students will go aflame with a desire to share with others what God is doing or they will go on spring break and come back to campus and say, ‘Let’s get back to the status quo.’ And if that happens, (the revival) is still a good thing, but not what I think God wants.” With the beginning of spring break looming in the very near horizon, students were encouraged on Monday morning in chapel to keep the spirit of change and transformation going in their lives. Shawn Holtgren announced that 32 discipleship groups would be starting, all led by volunteer faculty members. Holtgren asked students to sign up for a group within the next few days. “I’m hoping that as least half of these groups will meet before spring break,” said Holtgren. The groups have a limit of twelve students each, with titles such as, “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality,” “Children of Divorce,” and “Leadership in Relationships and Family.” Although Dr. Engbrecht said that he cannot speculate on the turnout for these groups, he thinks that what was started last Wednesday will not be easily forgotten. “There is a real hunger for the authentic (among students),” said Dr. Engbrecht. “I think for some people, they can’t go back. They are too transformed.”
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