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Snow causes problems for Dining Commons roof

 -  -  26

If you have visited the Dining Commons (DC) lately you have without a doubt witnessed six large posts and caution tape near the dessert bar. These precautions are due to a large amounts of snow accumulation on the DC's roof. “The heavy snow load caused some sagging in the Dining Commons roof,” said Charlie Dixon from maintenance. The DC's eating area was closed for dinner Feb. 8 and for breakfast Feb. 9. There were reports circulating around campus that the roof may have partially collapsed. “Nothing collapsed, but had we not taken action there certainly could have been more movement,” said Dixon. “The temporary bracing was put in place to be sure that there would be no further movement.” Dixon went on to say the six large posts were inserted for additional strength and stability. Maintenance is currently working inside the attic to provide more adequate framing. In the meantime, an engineer has inspected the roof and pronounced the building currently safe to occupy while repairs are being made. “When the work is all finished the building will be even better than new,” concluded Dixon.
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