Theatre department begins production of “The Hobbit”

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This Oct. 6-8 Bethel College’s theatre department will be performing J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” dramatized by Patricia Gray. Richard Young will direct the production with the help of assistant student director Zac Hunter. Senior Aaron Denlinger has been cast as the plays main character Bilbo Baggins. He will act alongside junior Daniel Gray who will play the wise and lovable wizard Gandalf. Gollum will be played by freshman Tim Becze. “There are a lot of good, meaty roles,” said senior Sabrina Hallock. “The dwarves (all 13 of them) are pretty huge roles too because they are in pretty much every scene of the whole show.” Hallock is the plays make-up designer and will be completing her senior project through the production of “The Hobbit.” She will be in charge of designing and building beards, wigs, and prosthetics for the shows actors. “This is a crazy show to design for because we have 31 actors and about 14 beards, around 13 wigs, several sets of prosthetic ears, 15 prosthetic noses, etc.,” said Hallock. “It's ridiculous, but so much fun!” You can buy tickets for “The Hobbit” by clicking on the following link. https://tickets.bethelcollege.edu/  
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