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Benton House party draws a big crowd

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On Saturday Oct. 8 Benton House held its fourth annual root beer kegger, an event funded by the Perimeter Housing fund.
Freshman Laura Glass gets herself some root beer from the keg.
According to Rosten Hamman, senior and Benton House resident, about 150 students were in attendance. “This year we have a lot of seniors in the house and we all wanted to do this party right,” said Hamman. “We put more work into the set up, we used tiki torches, lights, and we invited a lot more people than years past.” Senior and Benton House resident Nathan Baker said this year was the best year at least weather wise. Also, since the men’s soccer team beat Grace before the party it made for a “great atmosphere.” “There was so much going on that everyone could do whatever they wanted and people seemed to stick around for quite a while,” said Baker. The students enjoyed activities such as cornhole, root beer pong, roasted marshmallows, camp fires and music. “The second annual marshmallow fight was pretty epic,” said Hamman. We bought a lot of marshmallows so we could throw them at each other, in a sense it was like a snowball fight. The fight lasted about 15 minutes or so.” Both Hamman and Baker said they felt the party went pretty well. “I heard a lot of good things about this year’s party compared to the ones in the years past,” said Hamman. “It is a simple event that students love.”
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