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Subkirke hosts live music

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Subkirke has provided South Bend, Ind. with a venue for live music for years, but now Bethel students have a special opportunity to attend concerts there. The concert hall, which is located literally just down the road from Bethel College, has begun a special collaboration with Bethel to raise concert attendance and provide Bethel students with a chance to see more bands perform live. “Subkirke provides free tickets for their concerts in exchange for some advertising on campus,” said Dr. Eric Oglesbee, who is heading up the affiliation Bethel has with Subkirke. According to Oglesbee, the turnout for Bethel students has been good, with about 20 people showing up to each concert that has been advertised so far this year. “The free tickets always go,” said Oglesbee. Beside the limited allotment free tickets, Subkirke offers Bethel students a discount, allowing them into the venue for only $5 per ticket. If an entire class wishes to attend, it is a flat rate of $100, regardless of class size. The concerts, which will total from four to five in the Fall, and three to four in the Spring, feature bands such as “Frontier Ruckus” and “Breathe Owl Breathe.” Oglesbee stated that many popular bands travel through South Bend, Ind. on their way from Chicago to Detroit, and vice versa. These bands often play at Subkirke as they are passing through. Subkirke has also been associated with Bethel in the past, sponsoring the battle of the bands last year, allowing the winner to open at Subkirke. It was a paid gig. Those who enjoy live music can look forward to a concert featuring “Frontier Ruckus” coming up in October. The concert will have a shuttle to and from Bethel.
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