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The Helm needs your help

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Do you enjoy writing? Do you love to tell a good story? Would you like a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card? Then you need to participate in the Helm’s writing promotional giveaway. This year’s multi-media yearbook publication will be featuring a theme of “Out of the Dust.” The yearbook staff is hoping to publish an Out of the Dust story on every page of the yearbook. Around 120 stories will be needed to reach the goal and at their current pace the yearbook staff will not be able to complete all 120 stories. In order to complete this task, the Helm is offering students a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card if they contribute an original Out of the Dust story. The winner will be drawn Jan 15, 2012. What is an “Out of the Dust” story? Basically, it is a story of victory and triumph. The Helm is looking to highlight individuals, groups, and teams that were able to conquer a tough situation. The one stipulation is that the story needs to be related to the current school year. The Helm writing contest rules are as follows.
  1. Email Cindy Jacobs to get an assignment.
  2. Do necessary research to find a group, team or individual’s “out of the Dust story.
  3. All stories must relate to this school year only.
  4. Consider including a quote or two in your story. (Optional)
  5. You must meet the deadline given to you by your editor.
  6. Stories must be 300-600 words.
  7. Email your finished story to your editor as an attachment
Contact Cindy Jacobs at for questions or more information. Happy writing.
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