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Tipping at Tradewinds and Politos

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Did you know every time you tip the waiting staff at Tradewinds or Politos using Bethel Bucks they do not receive the full tip? In fact, both diners do not even receive the full percentage of the total check if you use Bethel Bucks. According to Director of Food Services Jim Metherd there is a percentage of the tip which goes to Bethel’s food service Sodexo. “In previous years Tradewinds, Sodexo and Bethel had decided to restrict usage of Bethel Bucks for this exact reason, but last year the wait staff there requested to allow the students to use those funds for tipping purposes,” said Metherd. Metherd said the percentage that is paid back to Bethel is allocated for administration fees and commission. So when you use Bethel Bucks to tip how much does the waiter actually pocket? “It sounds like from speaking with Tradewinds and Polito's that roughly 22 percent of the total check comes back to Bethel,” said Resident Director Travis Beam. “This does include the tip,” added Beam. So not only does the waiting staff not receive the total tip with Bethel Bucks,  but both restaurants only receive about eight percent of the total check -- tip included. Equipped with this knowledge Beam believes students should tip a little higher than they normally would -- if they choose to tip using Bethel Bucks. “Personally I'd encourage all students to tip at least 20 percent because this will help to offset their losses,” suggested Beam. “I've noticed more and more students getting to know servers at the restaurants and when that happens, you should reward your server for their service, but also to demonstrate selflessness,” said Beam. Junior David Foura frequents Tradewinds about four times a month and loves their Classic Reuben sandwich. However, when asked how he felt about servers not receiving the full tip he wasn't happy. “Not good, that money should go towards the waitress,” said Foura.
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