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Benton House faces uncertain future

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Benton House, known for its annual Root Beer Kegger and Christmas party, may soon cease to exist. Benton's RA Rosten Hamman says he has been in discussion with RD Alex Gonzalez and Vice President of Student Development Shawn Holtgren concerning the possibilities of Benton being demolished to make room for campus expansion.

"I have heard many things after talking with Alex Gonzalez and Shawn Holtgren about possibly expanding the bookstore, which may mean the destruction of Benton House," said Hamman. "At this time, those are only rumors and possibilities. Although it is possible they may eventually make Benton House into a parking lot." “At this point nothing has been definitively decided about renovations/additions to the bookstore, nor any 'fate' of the Benton house,” said Holtgren. While Holtgren could not give many definitive answers he did say this. “I can say that conversations are being had about possible additions to the campus, but it would be premature to discuss projects and timelines,” said Holtgren. Although the future of Benton house is unknown Holtgren said that Benton house is safe and sound, at least for now. At this point, all the residents of Benton can do is speculate on their home’s fate. “If they’re going to expand the parking lot they need to do it by Oakwood or the Founders houses,” said Benton resident David Albarran. “This is my first semester and the guys are pretty cool. If I could live with them somewhere else I wouldn’t really care.” “There are better things to be done with Benton House then to turn it into a parking lot,” said senior Timothy Long. He also added jokingly if they attempt to destroy it, he will stand in front of it in order to protect his college home.
Benton House may be torn down in the future to make way for campus expansion projects (photo by Josh Winningham)
“Its’ been a nice place to live, but its not very nice and its falling apart,” said resident Randall Bridges. “If they destroy it and made it a better house I’m all for it but, I’m a senior, I’m graduating I could care less what they do with it."          
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