Poverty of the Stimulus wins Battle of the Bands

 -  -  29

The winner of the $100 gift card prize from the Battle of the Bands competition is Poverty of the Stimulus. Four bands squared off in the Everest Rohrer Auditorium last Thursday for a chance to win the gift card, along with a paid gig at Subkirke, a local music venue. The bands each played one cover song and one original and were judged by a panel of three individuals. “ A few of us first got the idea from watching ‘The sing off’ and being inspired by a group called the ‘Pentatonix,’” said Nathan Jackson, a senior and member of Poverty of the Stimulus. “We all talked about how we could do that here at Bethel. When we talked more about it, it started to become a serious goal instead of a fun thought. Soon, a couple of us were able to pull together and solidify the group.” The group of six singers performed their two songs last in the lineup of bands. They practiced “about twice a week for three weeks,” according to Jackson. Panel Judge John Haas, a history professor at Bethel College, remarked that if he heard Poverty of the Stimulus on the radio, he’d turn it up. He later stated he would also buy a CD if they produced one. Jackson and the rest of Poverty of the Stimulus are hoping to put together three additional arrangements for the concert that they will be opening for. “We're looking into what types of bands will be there so that we know what kind of songs to try and cover,” Jackson said. “It's a great opportunity and we're all super pumped about it.”
Philosophy Professor Cristian Mihut belts out some lyrics on Thursday. His band performed some songs in between the four competing bands.
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