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‘Ambush’ chalk outlines stir up controversy

 -  -  28

A chalk outline outside of Sufficient Grounds reads "RIP KELSEY."
Students have enjoyed the on-campus game of Ambush over the last few weeks as they’ve “assassinated” their targets with squirt guns. To liven up the game, chalk outlines have been drawn, such as those seen in a crime scene investigation. Outlines included “rest in peace” commemorations. Also seen around campus were crosses made with sticks, “remembering” those shot with squirt guns in the game. Some students, however, have questioned whether these jokes are in good taste. According to Paul Neel, a campus safety officer, the campus safety office received some calls from students. Several complained that they thought the chalk outlines were in poor taste. Some reported that the outlines “creeped them out.” “I think it’s funny,” senior Glory Chang said. “I don’t think it’s a big deal.” One outline was washed from the pavement by the grounds department. According to Steve Yaw, physical plant director, they received a call from a senior administrator to remove the outline. The department was told to wash off only one chalk outline. “Me, personally? I’m not offended by it,” said Jaimee Bingle, director of marketing and communications, adding that the topic would “beg a lot of questions on an admissions’ tour.” Sophomore Stephen Erdel also thought that the chalk outlines could be a bad idea because of people visiting, but he stated that he thought it was okay within the context of Bethel. Others, however, found the chalk outlines humorous and harmless. “I thought it was hilarious,” said senior Zach Diller. “I guess I could see people taking it wrong, but I didn’t mind it.”
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