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The new Sufficient Grounds to be run by students

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While Sodexo will still have some involvement, by next fall, the new Sufficient Grounds will be mainly run by Bethel students. "In the initial reopening, Sodexo will still be pretty heavily involved (in Sufficient Grounds), but the goal is, by the following fall, to get students more involved in running it," says Bethel Director of Auxiliary Servies Ed Bernhard, who's currently in charge of putting all of this together. "We want to have a group of students who actually run it, actually have some financial responsibility for it, and actually get some real-world experience. Sodexo will provide support and assistance, but the students actually call the shots." This is a great opportunity for any Business majors, anyone interested in running a small business, or simply for someone who would like a job on-campus. Bernhard mainly wants to stress how comprehensive and student-centric this will be. "(The students will) be able to get into the nuts and bolts of (running the restaurant), scheduling, managing the finances, ordering. They will be the employees and they will be running it. "Over the next year and the summer I'll be trying to pull together some students interested in being a part of that." Anybody interested in this opportunity can feel free to contact Ed Bernhard at
Sufficient Grounds to be fully run by students next fall
Sufficient Grounds to be fully run by students next fall
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