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Bethel Student Hikes Kilimanjaro

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MISHAWAKA – Over winter break, Bethel’s own Sydney Anderson hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Anderson, a junior majoring in Accounting and Business Management, climbed the mountain with her dad. Mount Kilimanjaro has been her dad’s number one bucket list item for several years, and she was excited to join him in making it a reality.  

Anderson had previously participated in a variety of hiking opportunities with her father in the United States, and she was also part of Bethel’s Appalachian Trail trip in the spring of 2022. However, Mount Kilimanjaro, which sits at an elevation of 19,341 feet, is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world, setting it apart as a unique experience and Anderson’s most challenging hike yet.  

The group Anderson and her father hiked with began the ascent on Christmas day at around 7,000 feet. The hike took a total of eight days. The highest point at which they camped was 15,000 feet, and the group summited on New Year’s Day before hiking back down to a safer elevation for camping. The group took one of the longer routes up the mountain.  

Sydney Anderson showing off the Bethel flag on Mount Kilimanjaro. Provided by Sydney Anderson.

Sydney Anderson celebrating success with the Bethel flag on Mount Kilimanjaro. Provided by Sydney Anderson.

One of the many interesting experiences Anderson had on this trip involved the cook that came with the group to prepare food. Anderson recounted one particular meal: it was pizza, but not average pizza.  

“The sauce was just ketchup, and we had potato and carrots on top,” Anderson said. 

As for looking ahead to her next adventure, Anderson is currently planning to join the Bethel trip to Machu Picchu in May of 2023. 

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