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‘Commies’ event is biggest yet

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The third annual Commie Awards were put on Thursday night, Oct. 25. This year’s event had the biggest turnout yet, with roughly 125 people in attendance, according to the Bethel College Communication Department’s Facebook page. The red carpet, formal attire event showcased eight video submissions as well as five student speeches, given by communication students in a variety of internships. The event was put on by the Foundations of Communication class, taught by Professor Theo Williams. This was the first year that the Foundations students hosted the event. In the previous two years, the communication professors made the preparations, and the event was emceed by Williams. Another change to this year’s gala was the location. Last year the event was held in the Academic Center in room 342, but this year it was moved to the dining commons. The interns that spoke represented both public relations and journalism, ranging from senior Ali Douglas’ experiences with the Fort Wayne Convention Center to senior Rebecca Harness’ videography with the minor league baseball team, the South Bend Silverhawks.
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