Nutshell: If you were head of a department to improve Bethel and were given funds, what would you change?

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Brian Hosinski, Sophomore: Adopt a football team. Hands down Caleb Hadden, Senior: I would give the tennis team money because they cannot improve their program if the school doesn't pay them any attention. Stephanie Kingma, Senior: I would give us a real yearBOOK again Mikayla Irwin, Freshman: I would invest into something along the lines of a student center, so that different grades and genders are able to mingle together instead of using study places, such as the library, for socializing. Ann Beachy, Senior: Whenever a student were to use their swipe (chapel, residence hall entry, meal swipe, etc), a machine would spit out a handful of Skittles for FREE! James Agler, Junior: I would build a track for the track and field team. Calvin Hirschy, Senior: Donate the funds to the I.T. department’s budget. Giving extra budget money to a department with that kind of responsibility and influence would benefit the entire school. Elliot Rowe, Senior: My first priority would be to create more parking spaces. Jordan Huff, Sophomore: Better Internet in Ramseyer.
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