Nutshell: What was the strangest thing you did over break?

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Jordan Romanov "I slept in a card board box in my basement." Chris Scott "Witness Chad Meister nearly set himself ablaze after trying to add gas to an open fire." Zach Castillo, senior "I went Irish Jig Dancing" Glory Chang, senior "One was watching a friend make dumbbells out of cheese curds and toothpicks and lifting them. Yes, a great cheese sampling scene at a Wisconsin grocery store." Sidney Beck, senior "A cousin and I hid 24 Taco Bell sauce packets inside my Grandma's house. Everybody loves a good scavenger hunt." Meghan Durán, sophomore "I was taught how to properly draw a gun (and shoot) in case of a threat- the procedure that is used by policemen." Katelyn Schwenk, freshman “I went mountain biking and crashed four times (including running into a tree).” Brennan Miller, freshman “I slept in the rain in the woods overnight without a tent or tarp somewhere in Indiana on my way to Kentucky.” Brianna Pratt, junior “I had to get my miniature dotson out of my porch railing.  She was barking at something, decided to try and get to it by squeezing through the railing and got stuck.  Yep, that's my dog for ya.”
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