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Students deal with final weeks

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For many students at Bethel there is not much time to think about the coming break. In the chaos of final tests and projects how do students deal with the pressure? “I think the biggest thing for me is to try to stay focused on one thing at a time,” senior Kelsey Bucknam said. “It is easy to just get overwhelmed by all the different projects and finals that you have.” Bucknam said that when shetries to do too many projects at once it stresses her out to the point where she ends up not doing anything. She said her most difficult project at the moment is Portfolio Completion, not because it is hard but because it requires much time. It is not a class she wishes to blow off because of its importance. The final that Bucknam is worried about the most is in Persuasion because of all the information that was covered and how quickly it was covered. “I get my minor assignments done really fast, right when they’re given to me,” freshman Kayla Pawling said. “That way when it comes time for finals I can spend time studying.” Freshman Alex Soptich said he has a similar strategy this time of year. “I’m a procrastinator usually,” Soptich said. “I crunch it in at the last second.” Both Pawling and Soptich said their hardest classes are science classes. Pawling is a nursing major and said her most difficult class is Anatomy. Soptich is a physical education major. He said his most difficult class is Kinesiology. Pawling said she tries to get a good night’s sleep before a final. She said that sleeping helps her retain information and that cramming everything in all at once late at night just isn’t worth it to her. Senior Juan Juarez talked about finding balance. “I study when I can and as my break I’ll play video games or go work out,” Juarez said. He said the week of finals stresses him out the most because he is not sure what is going to happen. The day before every final he reviews everything again. He said the day of a final he grabs breakfast because it wouldn’t be worth it to take a test with a stomach running on empty. Juarez said his toughest class is Calculus. Senior David Albarran said he usually finds himself in a bind this time of year. “I plan on getting everything done that I need to get done before finals week,” Albarran said. “What ends up happening, and I can say this confidently as a senior that this has happened, I will be weeks behind in all of my classes and have as many as 17 page papers due the next day. On any particular given day that I haven’t chosen the topic for, and I will pullconsecutive or spaced out all nighters to get those things done right before they’re due, sometimes after they’re due, sometimes two weeks after they’re due.” Albarran said that during finals week when he is given extensions he will stay up all night and attempt to get his last minutes homework done and cram all the information he needs for the finals. Once it’s all packed inside his head he says that he mentally throws it all up on the test and forgets it all later. He said the irony of the situation is that he has gotten decent grades by doing this. Senior Brandon Vance said that finals week is easy for him. He said being an art major most of his finals are projects. The major thing that he is stressed out about this year is his senior thesis. He said that is where art majors have to give a presentation on the work they have done during their college career. From the well thought out to leave luck to heaven, there are many different strategies when finals begin at Bethel.
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