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Memorable proposals for Bethel students

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Jake Everett proposes to Chrissy Hooks at Magic Kingdom
One of life’s most exciting moments, proposals. With proposals comes the repeated question of, “how did he do it?” Every newly engaged girl repeats this story over and over again to friends, family, and anyone else who might have noticed her relationship status change on Facebook, or an Instagramed photo of her left-hand with the new addition of a ring to it. For some their story may be simple and sweet, but for others like Chrissy Hooks and Laura Johnson the simplicity was left out while the sweetness was doubled.
It was just a typical family vacation for Chrissy Hooks as she got into the car to head down to Florida for a week of fun in the  sand. The only problem was that she was furious. Just the day before her boyfriend, of almost three years, Jake Everett had called her to let her know that he was no longer going on the trip because something had come up. Thinking this was going to ruin her vacation, Hooks sullenly sat there staring out the window refusing to respond to the texts he was sending her. “I was so mad at him,” said senior Chrissy Hooks. “Why would he wait until the day before we leave to tell me and then not even have a good excuse?” On the morning that the family had planned to visit Magic Kingdom, Hooks said that her family started acting weird. Although it was raining and stormy, they insisted that they stick to their plans and also insisted that she look nice as well. “My mom kept telling me that I should wear a dress and make sure my hair looked nice,” recalls Hooks. “I ended up listening, but who wears a dress to Magic Kingdom?” On arriving at Magic Kingdom in the torrential downpour, Hooks now not only in a dress, but a poncho as well, wasn’t ready for the surprise that awaited her there. Right in front of her, standing in a castle like Prince Charming with a diamond ring in hand was Jake. “I was so shocked!” said Hooks. “The most magical moment in my life, taking place in one of the most magical places you could be.” Jake then got down on one knee and popped the big question that most girls dream about their whole lives; will you marry me? Hooks said yes right then and there and the two of them are scheduled to be married on May 26, 2013 in an outdoor gazebo close to her hometown. Chrissy Hooks is not the only one on campus with a story to tell. Laura Johnson also had one of her own. Although no castles were involved, Johnson’s fairytale ended with a Prince Charming as well.  On a warm evening this past summer, it was just a typical date that Laura Johnson thought she was being picked up for. As she climbed into her boyfriend Kyle Anderson’s car everything seemed to be normal. Being together for a little over three years Johnson had become pretty in tune with any surprises Kyle might have up his sleeve. However, tonight he seemed very calm and collected and just happy to be with her. After getting in the car Kyle mentioned that he had to stop at the local high school where they had both played basketball growing up, to pick something up from his old coach. This was no problem for Johnson who immediately agreed. On their arrival to the gym all of the lights were off and there was nothing and no one around to be seen; except for the candle lit dinner in the middle of the court. Laura was confused at first and then shocked into silence when Kyle proceeded to play a slideshow that he had created of all of the memories and good times that they had shared throughout the last three years of their relationship. “After that he got down on one knee and whipped out the prettiest ring I've ever seen and asked me to marry him,” said senior Laura Johnson. “Happiest moment of my life, I said yes and then we sat down to eat.  He had fancy china and Olive Garden prepared which is our favorite restaurant to go to!” They were both too excited to eat at this point, and their parents had been waiting outside the gym to take pictures. Afterwards, they all went back to Johnson’s house for an engagement party where family had already gathered to celebrate. The wedding day bells are set to ring on June 22,, 2013 where friends and family will come together and witness Kyle and Laura make their commitment of lifelong love and happiness to one another.

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