Nutshell: What is your best or worst Valentine’s Day experience?

 -  -  29

Rachelle Courtney, senior  “My best Valentines day experience was the first one with my boyfriend of 3 years. He told me we would celebrate really early, so I thought I was going to have to wake up early. He didn't leave my parents house until just before midnight either, so I thought I would be really tired. However, at Midnight there was a knock on my door, I looked out and saw him and thought he forgot something. I opened the door and he said "Happy Valentines Day" He had a dozen roses, a cute stuffed animal, a small bag with all my favorite candy in it, and the sweetest card I had ever read. I was so surprised, then he told me "I told you we were celebrating really early" It was the best.” Kristie Nave, junior “When I was in kindergarten, one of the kids said, “I spelled my name wrong on one of the Valentines” and it was mine. : (” Grace Kenagy, junior “I forget how old I was but I was younger, probably 5th or 6th grade, maybe 7th grade and I walked in to my kitchen/dinning room and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my dad, the first and only time I have ever received them from him (that I can remember). I felt on top of the world!”
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