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The Windows are open in the computer lab

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Bethel has recently upgraded some of the computers at the computer lab in the Academic Center with a new operating system, Windows 8, by Microsoft that was released on Oct. 26, 2012. Windows 8 has been long advertised as the generation of Windows operating system that would redefine itself. For the first time in Windows history, the Windows 8 puts its main focus on a “user friendly” touchscreen, as well as the use of applications similar to that of today’s smartphone. Microsoft would provide an online “Windows Store” where users can shop and download applications for their computer. Microsoft developed this new generation of operating system as well as the new “Windows Phone 8” to compete with their main competitors, Apple and the world of smart gadgets. Now that Bethel has recently updated a few of its computers to Windows 8, students have a chance to experience what it’s all about. “I was confused by it,” said sophomore Nikki Hall. “They need an instruction for beginners…it’s completely different than the ones before”. Since Windows 8 is made mostly for touchscreen purposes, it may be confusing for the standard usage of mouse. “Too complicated,” said sophomore Stephon Lee. “I couldn’t even figure out how to logout…everything was just weird”. According to reviews such as “PCAdvisor”, Windows 8 has “brought the biggest change due to the fact that the last three operating systems have all been based by the original Windows 95…but not Windows 8, it’s a completely new system”. “I actually don’t mind it,” said sophomore Theodoro Chelloti. “Like all new technology, people will get used to it eventually”. Another review by a quite well-known tech-related website, “TechRadar”, mentioned that Windows 8 is made for touchscreen and it will become very confusing because it was not meant to be used with a standard mouse although it can. “I personally don’t like it…I’ll stick with my Windows 7 thank you very much,” said junior Michael Ponce. Once all of the computer lab’s computers have been upgraded to the new operating system, Bethel students will have to be ready to get used to the new interface.
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