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‘Ambush’ begins, sends students into deep paranoia

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The annual tradition of “Ambush” has commenced once again, and the entire campus is abuzz with excitement and fear. Ambush is the assassination game in which students armed with squirt guns must shoot and eliminate other students while trying to avoid getting shot themselves.

When asked their thoughts or plans for ambush, many students were cagey and didn't want their name to be put into a story, so as not to make themselves a target. Needless to say, this reporter was told, off-the-record, of many sketchy deals and convoluted assassination plans. When asked if she was excited, paranoid, or both, Bethel sophomore Katie Sutula said simply, “Yes”. Students can certainly be prepared for some interesting experiences when it comes to Ambush. “The girl who was after me (last year) was crazy,” said Sutula. “She had spies everywhere … once at Sufficient I had to run out after ordering my food because one of her friends was in there.” Former Bethel student (class of 2010) and author of “Stuff Bethel Students Like” Robby Rasbaugh also recounted a few of his experiences with Ambush. “My freshman year I was the first person to get out … Back when Ambush started at midnight I got out at 12:05,” said Rasbaugh. This early loss, however, triggered something dark in Rasbaugh. “My Junior year I went pretty far … One of the reasons I lasted that long was because my assassin wasn’t really that gung-ho,” said Rasbaugh. “My Senior year was where I took into overdrive, and honestly Ambush became my idol ... I would fall asleep dreaming about Ambush.” Rasbaugh, an experienced Ambusher, recommended not playing like this. “(In the first week) I turned my back and someone got me, and I turned around and said thank you so much for getting me out of this addictive game.” So how should one play the game? “I would recommend being … a person who plays modestly,” said Rasbaugh. “They’re really good at being a part of the game but they don’t let it control them … they don’t skip classes or chapel. That’s what I would recommend.” For any who don’t know what this whole “Ambush” deal is about, it goes a little something like this. Each student who signs up is assigned a squirt gun and an assassination target, given only in the form of a name. It is the Ambusher’s duty to seek out this person and take them down … by squirting them with a little squirt-gun. If you successfully take someone down, you take their gun and the name of the person they have and bring them to the student development office. However, because each person who signs up also has someone tailing them and trying to take them down, it can be hard to survive for long in this cruel, unforgiving campus. The last person standing wins $100, and the person with the most “ambushes” will also win $100. The rules and stipulations for Ambush include not being able to shoot from anywhere indoors, not being able to shoot anyone having an athletic practice, and having a “day of rest” from Ambush every Sunday, so that all those poor paranoid freshman can get some fresh air and sunlight without worry.
Watch out for concealed weapons such as these.
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