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Kroc Center opens to Bethel students

 -  -  29

Over 300 Bethel students showed up within the first hour of Friday night’s opening kickoff at the Kroc Center, celebrating free membership for the winter months, according to Kroc Center officials. “I’m really impressed with how many people came out,” said Kroc Center Director of Member Services Sharon Dutkowski. “It’s a Friday night and I know that a lot of people from Bethel go home for the weekend.”
Students flock to the Kroc Center for the free membership kick-off.
Students flock to the Kroc Center for the free membership kick-off.
“We were expecting total, with students, faculty and staff, about 300 (people) and we know we’ve already well exceeded that number,” said Dutkowski. “The partnership between the two organizations is unique because we’re so alike in our missions … so we’re excited to have you guys here.” Students all around the center tested out what it had to offer, including basketball, swimming, rock wall climbing, working out, foosball, video games, and recording vocals in a recording studio. “This place is amazing,” said junior Nat Montiel. “The workout facility and the swimming is really nice, plus they have video game systems downstairs.” Students' excitement was felt around the facility, and Bethel faculty were excited to see the community come together. “It’s incredible,” said Vice President for Student Development Shawn Holtgren. “I think students' eyes are open to the possibilities … It’s an amazing device for enhancing campus communities.” Bethel College President Gregg Chenoweth said, “It’s already paid for, it’s easy-peasy to use, and people should use it.” The Kroc Center will use the free key-tags given to students to trace how often they use the facility. If it meets or exceeds expectations, free student use will be extended past the current Feb. 1 deadline.
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